About Elissa I. Henry

Elissa I. Henry Law Firm provides legal services for probate, family immigration & motor vehicle injury cases in Round Rock, TX.

“Professionalism, leadership, and service are the cornerstones of my business.”

Highly-qualified Lawyer Specializing in Vehicle Accident, Probate & Family-based Immigration in Round Rock, Texas.

About Elissa I. Henry

Elissa Henry is a highly skilled legal professional with a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of her clients’ needs. Her passion for advocacy began in 2001 when her father was a victim of negligent driving and spent months in the hospital. During this time, she accompanied him to physical therapy sessions and became involved in his legal case, gaining a firsthand understanding of the devastating impact of accidents on both physical and emotional well-being. This experience led her to make it her life’s mission to advocate and champion for people in similar circumstances.

After graduating from New York Univesity, Elissa honed her skills and developed resilience while serving as a late-night prosecution intern in the Early Case Assessment Bureau of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office during her undergraduate studies. She later moved to Austin, Texas, where she gained valuable transactional law experience as a case manager in a reputable real estate firm. Elissa attended Baylor Law School where she participated in several immigration clinics that served the local community and held the position of associate editor for the Baylor Law Review.

Empowering Clients to Get Through Difficult Times

Navigating the Legal Process with Compassion and Care

Elissa Henry has dedicated her career to navigating the legal process with compassion and care, understanding firsthand that difficult times require the proper legal guidance. As she celebrates 11 years of service as a “Big” in Big Brothers & Sisters of Central Texas, Elissa remains committed to serving others through cases involving pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions, probate matters & family-based immigration issues. With high expectations from herself and clients alike—Elissa works diligently so everyone has an opportunity to achieve a positive outcome despite challenging circumstances.

“My goal is to guide clients toward maintaining integrity and stability during a time that may seem like it will break them—financially, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Elissa is fluent in Spanish, which enables her to serve clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Xyra Jane Baldivia

Xyra is a legal assistant who has a love for helping people. She is a lawyer in a different jurisdiction, hence her familiarity and knowledge of the law.

As a legal assistant, Xyra makes sure to fulfill client expectations. She is passionate about working in the legal field. Xyra shares the same passion and values as Elissa, which makes it easy for them to achieve client goals and seek justice for clients.

Xyra believes “the more espresso, the less depresso.” Therefore, on a daily basis, she starts her day with a cup of coffee; and with caffeine, anything.

Jhon Rey Abinion

Jhon Rey Abinion is an accounting professional and a legal assistant. He’s a passionate and dedicated person who is challenged to work under pressure and has worked with professionals in different industries for almost four years. He grew up in a small neighborhood in the Philippines and a consistent academic achiever. His passion and love for numbers pushed him to finish his degree in Accountancy last 2019.

Jhon has been working with Attorney Elissa I. Henry for over two years, and he’s dedicated to the clients’ needs. He ensures he can prepare everything up front as he values the client’s time. Building a good relationship with the client and providing excellent service is his top priority.

Andrés Brea

Andrés Brea is not your typical legal assistant; he is a consummate professional who brings a wealth of experience and a deeply compassionate approach to his work.
With a profound understanding of client relations, Andrés embodies the essence of empathy. His ability to provide comfort and instill a sense of security, even in the most challenging moments, sets him apart. Andrés is an advocate and ally, offering support throughout your legal journey.
When you work with Andrés, you can rest assured that he will devote his undivided attention and care to ensure the success of your case. Andrés’s extensive experience spans a multitude of clients from diverse backgrounds. His remarkable organizational skills and methodical work ethic have consistently translated into triumphs for our clients.
Beyond his legal prowess, Andrés is a passionate connoisseur of the arts.

We are proud to have a legal assistant who not only excels in client relations but also personifies our core values of empathy, loyalty, and an unwavering dedication to serving the needs of our clients. With Andrés by your side, you can trust that your legal matters will be handled with discretion, care, and the utmost professionalism, ensuring the success and peace of mind you deserve.

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