Causes of Rollover Truck Crashes

Automobile accidents happen every day in America. Even though they seem commonplace, sometimes these accidents are not accidents at all. They are crashes that could have been avoided if certain individuals had taken the right precautions to keep everyone around them safe. Rollover truck crashes often fall into the category of avoidable crashes, causing injured individuals to seek the services of a skilled Round Rock personal injury attorney.

What Causes a Rollover Truck Crash?

A rollover truck crash occurs when a truck’s wheels lose contact with the road, and it turns onto its side or top from the force of a collision. When these occur, the damages and injuries are usually severe, especially if another vehicle is involved. There are many factors that can contribute to a rollover crash, many of which apply in other types of accidents as well such as:

  • Driver distraction
  • Speeding
  • Failure to obey traffic laws
  • Driver fatigue

There are also causative factors that are specific to trucks when it comes to rollover crashes. Trucks inherently have a higher center of gravity, and with centrifugal forces, they can lean when the driver negotiates a turn or a curve. When trucks are top-heavy or have shifting and unstable loads, this is a recipe for disaster.

The Importance of Properly Loaded and Secured Cargo

No matter what type of load a truck carries, it is imperative that the cargo is centered and prevented from shifting. Without adequately loaded or secured cargo, when a truck takes a turn, its chances of tipping over increase significantly. Tanker trucks that are only partially full also run the same risk, as the liquid they contain moves as they negotiate the curve.

A truck driver needs to consider the height of their truck and the configuration of the curve as well as the type of load they are carrying and the road conditions. When drivers fail to consider all of these factors, they may take a curve or a turn too fast, causing a rollover crash. Trucks are also more sensitive to abrupt changes in steering or oversteering due to their top-heavy nature that has the potential to increase lateral force.

Some drivers or truck companies will attempt to cut corners and save time by not taking precautions. When their negligence leads to an injury or even death, a well-versed personal injury attorney in Round Rock is here to help.

Driver Errors Can Cause Crashes

Even more concerning is driver error that causes rollover crashes.  As per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 78 percent of rollover truck crashes can be attributed to driver error.  The same agency urges all truck drivers to follow specific guidelines such as:

  • Avoid sudden movements
  • Control the truck’s load in turns and on straight roadways
  • Identify high-risk areas on roads
  • Remain alert and attentive behind the wheel
  • Control speed and maintain proper “speed cushions”

Reach Out to a Skilled Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer

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