Treatment for Severe Burn Injuries

Treatment for severe burn injuries is crucial to reduce complications and promote the best chance at healing. Suppose your burn injury was the result of another party’s negligence. In that case, you deserve compensation to help pay for your treatment, pain, and suffering, as well as other damages. 

Each year, there are over 485,000 burn injuries receiving medical treatment. Burns is one of the most painful, expensive, and disfiguring injuries that anyone can face. Many times, burn injuries are the result of accidents that couldn’t have been avoided. Still, other burn injuries are entirely preventable. If you are suffering from a serious burn injury, it’s in your best interest to seek the assistance of an experienced Round Rock personal injury lawyer. They can work with you to determine if you deserve compensation for your burn injuries. 

For example, if your burn was the result of any of the following situations, you might be entitled to financial recovery:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents
  2. Defective products
  3. House or other building fires


When to Seek Treatment for Burn Injuries

Anyone with a serious burn injury should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Generally, 

the bigger or deeper the burn, the greater its severity. As a rule of thumb, if a burn is three times larger than the surface area of the victim’s palm, they should get medical care right away. Any burn deeper than a second-degree one should also typically receive medical care. A second-degree burn is a partial thickness burn that involves the top layers of the skin and part of the lower layer called the dermis. These burns appear red, blistered, and are usually swollen and painful. 


If not treated as soon as possible or correctly, the resulting complications can be immense and costly. Complications might include:


  1. Severe scarring or the loss of a limb
  2. Infections and sepsis
  3. Fluid loss
  4. Breathing problems
  5. Death


A Round Rock personal injury attorney can help you file a personal injury claim seeking compensation for your treatment costs, including treatment for any complications you suffer. Keep in mind that even if burns are promptly and appropriately treated, complications can still arise.


How are Severe Burns Treated?

Thankfully, there are many treatment options for severe burns. Treatment will depend upon the severity, location, and type of the burn. Common treatments include:


Water-based treatments such as ultrasound mist therapy to clean and stimulate the damaged tissue


  1. Intravenous (IV) fluids to prevent dehydration and organ failure
  2. Pain medication
  3. Creams and ointments such as bacitracin and silver sulfadiazine (Silvadene) to prevent infection and help the wound to close
  4. Specialty wound dressings for wound healing
  5. Antibiotics


Never turn down treatment for your burn, even if you are unsure of your ability to pay for your treatment. A Round Rock personal injury lawyer can help you determine which payment sources might exist for your medical bills. 

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