Texas Ranks Amongst the Worst in the Country for Motorcycle Crashes

Nationwide, motorcycle crashes often have substantially worse outcomes than accidents involving other types of vehicles. Few states have it quite as bad as Texas, however. The Lonestar State is usually first or second on the list in terms of the number of fatal motorcycle crashes that occur annually. In fact, in 2015 alone, there were 8,181 crashes and 459 deaths. It’s important for motorcyclists to be attentive and prepared for any possible outcome when they hit the open road.

Crashes Often Lead to Serious Injuries or Fatalities

Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcyclists at higher risk of crashing in Texas, they are also more likely to sustain serious – and sometimes even fatal – injuries. In Fort Worth, an accident in late July left a motorcyclist dead at the scene. The accident occurred in the early hours of the morning and appeared to involve no other vehicles. Authorities believe that the driver was speeding, hit a curb, and was unable to regain control of the bike. In another July crash, a motorcyclist lost his leg and sustained life-threatening injuries. No matter how careful a biker is, the nature of riding a motorcycle means that the stakes are higher when an accident occurs.

Staying Safe on Texas Roads

In a perfect world, everyone would be attentive and cautious while driving, which would lead to safer roads for everyone. That’s not always how it works out, unfortunately. Motorists are often unaware of motorcycles and fail to maintain a safe distance from bikers. As a result, it’s essential for motorcycle riders to take their safety into their own hands. Riders should be aware of their surroundings and watch for unexpected slowing down, speeding up, or changes in driving habits.

It’s also crucial for riders to wear the proper protective equipment. One reason for the high rate of injuries in Texas is the fact that there are no laws mandating the use of motorcycle helmets. Drivers who are 21 or older can skip wearing a helmet, as long as they have health insurance.

What to Do After an Accident

Sometimes, all of a driver’s planning and cautious driving isn’t enough and an accident still occurs. It’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible after a crash, since hidden injuries can worsen over time and leave victims in pain, unable to work, or otherwise incapacitated.

In the aftermath of an accident, it’s equally important to say as little as possible to other involved parties. Verbally claiming responsibility for the accident can influence later insurance claims, even if an investigation finds another party liable for the crash. Instead, you should reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney. A lawyer well versed in motorcycle accidents has been through this process many times, so they can handle the documentation, paperwork, and legal deadlines that come with your personal injury claim. With a Round Rock personal injury attorney, you may be able to claim compensatory damages like hospital bills, loss of income, pain and suffering, ongoing medical expenses, emotional distress, loss of limbs, and loss of reproductive capacity. A lawyer can run the numbers, look at the available evidence, and figure out how much to ask for from the responsible party.

Get the Representation You Need After a Motorcycle Accident

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