How Does Technology Work in Car Accident Claims?

Times have changed significantly when it comes to how car accident cases are handled. When your grandpa ran into an Oldsmobile with his Pontiac, the police officer on the scene likely took statements from both drivers, looked at skid marks if there were any, talked to any witnesses who stuck around, and decided who he believed, then assigned fault from there. This wasn’t exactly a scientific way of determining fault, though times have certainly changed. These days, claims can be much more complicated and utilize complex technology, and it is a good idea to talk to a Round Rock personal injury attorney if you have been in a traffic accident.

A Number of Technological Advances Now Can Factor Into Determining Traffic Accident Fault

Individuals investigating a traffic accident might still measure tire skid marks – they actually can be quite helpful in learning about what happened at an accident scene – but it is unlikely that will be the only, or even the main, evidence they rely on. Advances in technology have provided investigators so much more to work with. Likewise, those technological advances have given attorneys much more to work within proving that the other driver, not you, was at fault in a traffic accident.


Depending on the model of car or truck – newer models are quite likely to have the device – event data recorders are capable of providing all the information needed to determine fault in a traffic accident. If all cars involved in a traffic accident are equipped with EDRs, you could be able to recover from the devices complete information on the vehicle’s speed and performance prior to the crash, driver actions, information on the crash itself, passenger restraint information, and post-crash data, including automatic collision notification information. An EDR does not record audio or video information regarding a traffic accident.


There are other sources of information that are high-tech, but not in the same way. For instance, if a driver in a traffic accident was using a cell phone illegally – and it is illegal in most states to text or use a cell phone other than in a hands-free manner while driving – it can be possible to determine that fact from the cell phone itself or from the equipment purportedly used to operate the cell phone hands-free.


Other, less high-tech but nonetheless quite modern tools also can assist police and attorneys in investigating traffic accidents. Perhaps the most obvious is the near-ubiquitous presence of surveillance cameras. CCTV surveillance cameras of area businesses often store footage and can be available for investigation of a traffic accident later, if investigators request the footage soon enough. Most private business CCTVs are nominally focused on the business they are set up to protect, but they often capture footage in the area of the business that can be useful in investigations regarding traffic near or in front of the business. And never forget that people frequently post things on social media, such as videos of a crash they witnessed.

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