Can Social Media Impact Your Personal Injury Case?

A person holding up a phone with some social media interactionsAfter an injury, it is best to keep all comments regarding the accident and your recovery offline. Speak with an injury attorney who can advocate for your rights to insurance companies. Heed their advice when it comes to social media activity.

Social media can be problematic for your personal injury case in many ways. When you are seeking compensation for an injury, you can assume that insurance companies are watching your every move. This includes finding out anything they can from your social media profiles and posts. Even if you think you have strict privacy settings, some information might still be accessible on these platforms.

Insurance Companies Will Check Your Social Media

You should never post any subject matter relating to your accidental injury or anything relevant to your claim on social media. No matter what you say, it can only be used against you and cannot benefit your personal injury case. In fact, it is recommended by most attorneys that their clients take a social media hiatus during the pendency of their personal injury case. 

This is because your social media accounts, profiles, posts, and photos could be available for an investigator. He can find and use this information as evidence during your personal injury claim. An insurance company will seek to find any and all reasons to minimize your payout or deny your claim entirely. Social media posts can provide potential weapons for them to challenge your claim. 

As part of an investigation, the insurer or investigator may look at your social media accounts for insights into your daily life. Attorneys often advise temporarily deactivating your social media accounts while your personal injury claim is pending.

The investigator’s goal is to obtain evidence that could hurt your claim, such as signs that you fabricated your injuries or are not as badly injured as you claim. Some information they can use against you includes:

  • Indications that you are active and recovered from your injuries
  • Check-ins to various locations when you claim you cannot leave the house due to your injuries
  • Photos of you traveling or engaging in activities that go against your claim

Even if you do not post anything yourself, others might tag you in posts or photos that become accessible to investigators. This is why it is often best to refrain from any social media activity altogether.

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