Why Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

gray car rollover accident over the streetRollover accidents are dangerous and often deadly. When a vehicle rolls over, it can cause catastrophic injuries. Learn more about how and why these accidents occur and discuss your legal options with a car accident attorney.

Rollover car accidents often cause severe injuries among vehicle drivers and passengers involved. A rollover is defined as a vehicle that tips onto either its side or its roof during an accident.  They can be deadly when occupants of a vehicle do not have their seatbelts on or if they are ejected from the vehicle.

Our taste in vehicles has changed over the years.  Most vehicles now are taller than they once were. A truck or an SUV is both taller and has a higher center of gravity. These vehicles can roll over more easily than a vehicle with a lower center of gravity. Some vehicles roll over multiple times before coming to a standstill.  An average rollover can involve two- quarter turns, leaving a vehicle resting on its roof.

These cases often have complex liability issues and severe injuries. In litigation, these cases require experienced attorneys often require the services of an experienced accident reconstruction expert.

Factors in a Rollover Accidents

A rollover can happen in a number of ways. Often, these cases involve only one vehicle. Sometimes, rollovers occur as a function of the force and angle of a collision. Here are some of the ways they can occur:

Road Conditions

Road conditions can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle. Debris left on a roadway or potholes, when hit, can cause a portion of a vehicle to momentarily lift off the ground. If the speed and angle are sufficient, the vehicle may tip over. Think for a moment about a person moving a mattress tied to the roof of their car. If it falls off, the car behind it may not be able to avoid it. The same can apply to construction debris or other types of debris left on a roadway.

Rollovers can also occur if a driver swerves at a sharp and sudden angle to avoid a roadway obstruction.

Liable parties may include anyone who left an article on the roadway or the city or county which had the duty to properly maintain the roadway.

Collisions can cause rollover accidents

Collisions can cause a rollover, particularly when one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. This can occur as a function of a sideswipe or a T-Bone accident. A sideswipe often occurs during a lane merge. Both vehicles are moving in the same direction, and one vehicle contacts the side panel of the other vehicle. The spend and force can tip one of the vehicles over. A T-Bone accident often occurs at an intersection, when one vehicle is proceeding straight through an intersection, and the other vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction to make a left turn. The collision may occur when the driver of the turning vehicle misjudges how long it will take for the vehicle to clear the intersection before turning. Another vehicle makes the damages more severe.

Vehicle Defect

Manufacturing or another design defect may cause a rollover. These problems can occur because of problems with the vehicle’s suspension, steering wheel, electrical or software problems. Vehicle suspension defects in vehicles with a high center of gravity can make it particularly difficult to control a vehicle. In this case, liability could fall with the manufacturer, the designer, or the dealer who sold the vehicle.

Driver Error

Sometimes a driver just makes a mistake. He or she may take a corner or curve too quickly, causing one end of their vehicle to lift off the roadway and to roll over.  If their passenger is injured, the passenger may bring a claim against the driver of the vehicle.

Liability is complex in these cases. These cases have a number of issues, all of which may affect liability.  If you or a loved one have been injured, you will need the help of a specialized auto accident attorney.

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