Possible Risks of Driverless Trucks

The reality of driverless trucks is marching inexorably forward, but whether the benefits outweigh the risks is yet to be determined. Currently, too few regulations, the threat of software glitches, and more make driverless trucks too potentially risky for our roadways. 


Those in the know believe that it’s not a matter of if we will have driverless trucks but, instead, it is a matter of when we’ll have driverless trucks. Driverless trucks (with a person riding shotgun as a safety backup) are already out there, and at least one company has already tested a completely driverless rig. The future seems to be upon us. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s time to consult with a Round Rock truck accident lawyer

Too Few Current Regulations

The race toward driverless trucks is on, and it seems like everyone wants to get in on the action, but the fact is that it is very little in the way of consistent regulations guiding the space. This leaves this emerging technology wide open for disasters to ensue. While limited regulations are good for the driverless truck companies themselves, they are not doing those of us who share our roads with these driverless behemoths any favors. 

Our Roads Aren’t Ready

Our highways and byways are simply not optimized for driverless trucks. If you’ve ever driven, you know that driving is nothing if not unpredictable. While driverless trucks perform very well in controlled conditions, the traffic on our roadways is anything but. Any of the following has the potential to prove too challenging for a driverless truck to handle safely:


  • Inclement weather
  • Standing water on the roadway
  • Tricky, unpredictable traffic patterns
  • The unpredictability of other drivers 
  • Dangerous, unforeseen conditions on the roadway ahead


It would be very difficult – if not impossible – to program every possible eventuality into a driverless truck’s computer system.  

Computers Malfunction

It’s a fact of life that computers malfunction. Driverless trucks are run by not one but by up to 100 (or more) computers, and while the software that operates these trucks is very sophisticated, it’s impossible to guarantee that the effects will be glitch-free. And a glitching semi-truck that’s barreling down the road at highway speeds is simply too dangerous to take such a chance. 


Further, computers aren’t critical thinkers – they’re analytical machines. When it comes down to deciding between two bad options – no matter how sophisticated the software – the driverless truck will simply do what it’s programmed to do. If this comes down to making a difficult choice in which both options are dire, relying upon an analytical machine is not a comforting option.

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