Probate Lawyers: All You Need To Know

Probate is the legal process of probating a will and distributing property according to its terms. This can be done by executors, probate attorneys, or other probate professionals. Executors are usually named in a will as an individual responsible for carrying out probate proceedings on behalf of the estate owner.

If you live in Georgetown, TX, and you’ve recently had a loved one pass away, you must have them take care of their probates so that all their wishes are carried out accordingly. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about probate lawyers.

What’s A Probate Lawyer?

A probate lawyer is a licensed attorney specifically trained to probate a will and handle the legal aspects of a property distribution from an estate. In Texas, probate lawyers are called “probate attorneys” or just plain “attorneys.”

What Do Probate Lawyers Do?

Probate lawyers are responsible for probating their client’s will, which is a legal process that ensures all terms in the will are carried out accordingly. This means probate attorneys handle any court proceedings or paperwork required to ensure no one goes without what they’re entitled to after someone passes away.

Why Do I Need A Probate Lawyer?

Probate lawyers are extremely important if you live in Georgetown, TX, and have recently had a loved one pass away. If there is no will left behind for the probate lawyer to go by, then it’s up to them to probate an estate as if there was a will – this means that all property goes into the probate estate and will be probated accordingly.

Probate Lawyer: Responsibilities

Probate lawyers in round rock, TX, have many responsibilities such as:

  • Helping with the payment of debts and bills
  • Filing and preparing all documents required by a probate court
  • Collecting proceeds from life insurance policies
  • Transferring assets to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Identifying and securing estate assets
  • Resolving income tax issues
  • Managing the estate checking account
  • Obtaining appraisals for the decedent’s real property
  • Making a final disbursement of assets to beneficiaries after all bills have been paid
  • Determining if any estate taxes are due and making sure those debts are satisfied

As you can see, in Round Rock, TX, attorneys have a lot on their plate.

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