How to Prepare for Your Insurance Claim

A complete and well-prepared insurance claim can increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve for your accident and injuries. Often, it’s more effective to have a Round Rock personal injury attorney prepare and negotiate your claim. 

After an accident, you must file an insurance claim to receive financial compensation for your injuries and damages. However, preparing and submitting a claim doesn’t guarantee that the insurance company will pay you promptly and fairly for what you endure. It is often just the beginning of a battle for what is rightfully yours. Instead of fighting this battle alone, you can turn to a reputable Round Rock personal injury lawyer for help.

What is an Insurance Claim?

An insurance claim is a formal request to the applicable insurance company for money to help you pay for expenses resulting from an event covered by the insurance policy. It must be submitted in a timely manner according to the policy declarations and state laws. A claim is often made on your own insurance policy, but sometimes you will need to file a claim on another party’s policy. For example, if someone else causes your car accident, you can file a claim against their policy.

Preparing Your Insurance Claim

Preparing to file an insurance claim can begin immediately after the accident in some cases. Your claim needs to show proof of what happened and the losses you sustained because of what happened. Taking pictures or videos and gathering other evidence at the scene can provide evidence for your claim. It’s also critical to call the police and have them make a report of the accident.

When filing your claim, you’ll need to be prepared with as much detail as possible about the accident and the other parties involved. For example, if possible, you will need to provide:

  • The location of the accident
  • Names, contact, and insurance information for other parties involved and any witnesses
  • The name and badge number of the responding officer
  • The police report or the name of the agency taking the report
  • A detailed description of how the accident occurred
  • A description of the damage to your vehicle
  • A description of your injuries and where you sought medical care

The more details you can give now and the more evidence you can provide, the easier the process will typically be. However, many claimants hire an experienced Round Rock personal injury attorney to help them file their claims and represent them in the process.

Your next step will entail speaking to the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim. Adjusters are notorious for twisting your words and getting claimants to say things they don’t mean. If a Round Rock personal injury lawyer represents you, you won’t have to speak to them. They will have to go through your attorney.

Hire a Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer to Help with Your Claim

You don’t have to file your claim on your own and worry if you will receive the compensation that you need for your damages. Schedule your free consultation with a seasoned Round Rock personal injury attorney. Call the Elissa I. Henry Law Firm at (512) 766-4529 today or complete our online contact form to find out how we can help with your insurance claim.