Elissa I. Henry Law Firm, PLLC is committed to providing clients with outstanding, affordable legal care. We believe that people who are in real need shouldn’t be barred from having access to legal counsel simply because they can’t pay a big retainer. We are committed to helping you in several legal practice areas, but we are especially committed to issues involving family immigration.

Core Practice Areas

You will find that many personal injury law firms try to cover as many practice areas as possible, and while that may seem attractive to a client, it’s important to remember that just because a firm handles a dozen or more practice areas, it doesn’t mean that they are experienced in all those areas.

We are focused on four core practice areas, including:

  • Immigration – While immigration remains a hot-button issue, we are focused on family-based immigration that includes helping clients acquire fiancé visas, green cards, removal of conditions, citizenship and naturalization, employment authorization, motions to reconsider, motions to reopen, and U-visas. If you need help in any of these areas, our experienced team can help you.


  • Car AccidentWhen a person is hurt in an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do. The first thing that they should do is seek medical attention. After seeking medical attention, people often wonder what to do next. This is where car accident lawyers come in. They can help injured parties navigate their way through the legal system and ensure that they are getting the best possible representation.


  • Probate – Have you thought about what happens to your family when you pass away and you don’t leave a will or a trust to protect their future? Are you going through probate on a will and need legal help to get through this complicated process? Would you like to give someone you love power of attorney, or would you like to set up an advanced directive so that everyone knows what to do if suffer a serious illness, and there is no chance of you recovering? All of these questions involve estate planning, and we can help ensure that you have everything in place in the event that you fall seriously ill or pass away.

A Law Firm Committed to Helping Those In Need

The law was never meant to protect only those people who have money and can afford the best lawyers. And that’s why our firm offers legal consultations and also gives you flexible and convenient fee arrangements. When your case is active, we will keep you updated on its status, and we strive to return all calls and emails on the same day. We’re also a Spanish-speaking law firm in Round Rock, TX, and we’ll make sure we can have your case properly addressed.