Dangerous Mistakes by Truck Drivers on the Road

When you drive on the highway or even some of the smaller regional roads in your area, it is very common to see commercial trucks sharing the road with you. According to the American Trucking Association, almost seventy-five percent of the goods that we use every day are transported by trucks, and there were approximately four million truck drivers registered in 2018. While these drivers are trained professionals who are responsible for ensuring both the safety of the freight they are transporting and the safety of all of the vehicles around them, accidents do sometimes happen.

Dangerous Truck Driver Behaviors Can Lead to Serious Accidents

It is one thing to be involved in a car accident where the two vehicles are approximately the same size, but when you are driving your car and are hit by a large commercial truck, the injuries have the potential to be much more serious. Given the weight and size of these freight trucks, a mistake by a truck driver can be incredibly dangerous for all other vehicles in the area. Some of the dangerous truck driver behaviors to watch out for include:


  • Distracted driving – One of the most common dangers on the roadways is the presence of distracted drivers. When a truck driver opts to send a text message, look at a map, or even eat while driving, their attention is diverted from the task at hand, driving carefully. This creates a very dangerous situation for all other vehicles in the area.


  • Driving while fatigued – Although there are strict regulations that indicate how many consecutive hours a truck driver can be on the road at a time, often drivers will ignore these rules in order to get to their destination faster. A drowsy driver is dangerous and prone to make critical mistakes while behind the wheel.


  • Drunk driving – Driving while intoxicated is illegal, but there may be times where a truck driver still gets behind the wheel after having a few drinks. If you notice a truck is swerving in and out of a lane, driving significantly above or below the speed limit, or changing lanes without warning, beware and keep a safe distance.


  • Icy Conditions – When the roads become icy, and traffic slows down, trucks are especially vulnerable to these conditions, given the heavy loads they are carrying and their higher center of gravity. When a truck driver does not take into consideration slick roads, serious accidents can occur.

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