How to Get the Medical Treatment You Need After a Car Crash

Paramedics rescue victim of a car crashGetting the medical treatment you need after an auto accident is critical for many reasons. Still, many accident victims don’t receive the medical attention they should have. When you work with an experienced attorney, they can help ensure you are able to get appropriate medical care. 

Car accidents create many unexpected hassles. One of the most pressing ones is getting the medical care you need. The importance of seeking medical care both immediately after your car crash and follow-up treatment in the future can’t be stressed enough. Not only is it beneficial for your health and well-being, but it’s also best for your legal claim. When you hire an experienced Round Rock personal injury lawyer, you hire someone who will advocate for all of your needs.

Immediately After the Crash

If anyone is injured in the crash, call an ambulance. If the paramedics that come recommend that you go with them to the hospital, it’s best to do that. You want to take every precaution to protect your health, even if it seems like overkill at the time. If the paramedics recommend you take yourself to the emergency room, be sure to do that. Even if they don’t tell you to seek medical attention, you should still seek medical services as soon as possible after your accident. 

You might feel fine or only feel slightly sore. When it comes to being seen by a doctor, it doesn’t really matter how you feel. Sometimes pain and other symptoms can be masked by an adrenaline rush or simply may not reveal themselves for a few days or weeks. This can be true for concussions, soft tissue injuries, and other conditions. Getting your treatment started and your personal injuries documented right away is in your best interest, both for your health and legal case. If you don’t seek care when you need it, you might suffer additional medical or legal consequences.

Paying for Medical Care

Far too often, car accident injury victims are afraid to seek medical services due to financial constraints. As such, some suffer more than they need to, and others succumb to their injuries. Don’t let your ability to afford your medical care impact getting the help you need. An attorney can help you determine who is liable for your medical bills and get them paid. Sometimes they can even make an arrangement with the medical provider that places a hold on your account until you receive compensation from the party who caused your accident. Once you receive those monies, then they can be used to pay any outstanding medical expenses. This arrangement is known as a medical lien. If you have health insurance or your own auto insurance, they can also help you pay. 

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