How Medical Records are Used in Your Car Accident Claim

How Medical Records are Used in Your Car Accident Claim

Medical records are a key piece of evidence in any personal injury claim, including car accident claims. However, they can both help and hurt your case. It’s best to speak with an experienced car accident attorney to find out how you can decrease the chances that they will hurt your claim. 

Many pieces of evidence will be used in your car accident claim. Some of this evidence will be used in your favor by your car accident attorneys in Round Rock. However, sometimes it will be used by the at-fault driver’s insurance company to deny or devalue your claim. Medical records are one piece of evidence that both sides can use. While they can be beneficial to show the extent of your injuries, they can also be used against you. This often happens with previous injuries. When you hire car accident lawyers in Round Rock to help you with your claim, they can utilize your medical records to increase your claim’s value. They can also help refute the use of your medical records for the benefit of the insurance company. 

When the Insurance Company Requests Your Records

If the insurance company requests your medical records, it’s essential that you have car accident attorneys in Round Rock representing you. Remember that the insurance company’s goal is not to pay you what is fair for your claim but to pay you as little as possible so that they can profit more. As such, the insurance adjuster will look for any and all reasons to deny your claim. One of the potential reasons to deny your claim is to say that a pre-existing condition causes your pain and suffering

Maybe you had back pain for several years and had surgery to correct the problem. You were experiencing minimal pain before your car accident. After the accident, your back pain came back and was severe. The insurance adjuster is likely to request your medical records and learn about your prior back problems. They will then say that your previous medical condition and surgery caused your current back pain and not the car accident. 

How Your Car Accident Lawyers in Round Rock Can Use Your Medical Records

Your own attorneys will use your medical records to show the extent of your car accident injuries and the treatments required. If the insurance company attempts to use previous injuries or conditions against you, your attorneys can determine ways to prove them wrong with your medical records. For example, they could highlight your doctor’s notes that document your improved back pain after your surgery up until the car accident. 

How Car Accident Lawyers in Round Rock Can Help

Car insurance claims can be tricky, especially if you have old injuries. Be sure not to sign any releases for your medical records without first speaking to a seasoned Round Rock car accident lawyer. They can ensure that the insurance company is not taking advantage of you and that your rights are protected.

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