Insurance Claims Against Companies

Any injury claim can be a lengthy and complex process, but an injury claim against a company or business is even more daunting. There are hurdles with all types of injury claims, such as having your claim picked apart, filling out paperwork, and having to communicate with the defendant. When the defendant involves a company, these hurdles can seem even bigger. Larger companies typically have deeper pockets than plaintiffs who bring claims against them. They can afford a lengthy legal process and the tough lawyers who will defend them.

If you are thinking about bringing a claim against a business or company, do not be discouraged by their money or their power. A seasoned Round Rock personal injury lawyer can handle your claim from start to finish. They can craft a strategy based on their experience to show how the company negligently caused or failed to prevent your damages and hold them accountable.

When a Company or Business is Liable for Your Injuries

Usually, when a company or business is liable for the injuries of another person, it is in a premise liability such as a slip and fall or a defective product claim such as those that involve medical products or cosmetics. In both of these situations, the company is legally responsible for doing everything they can to ensure the safety of its customers and visitors or consumers and users. If they fail to do this, a personal injury attorney in Round Rock could file a lawsuit on your behalf seeking compensation for your injuries.

Premise Liability Claims

In a premise liability claim, a business has a duty to take reasonable care to provide for the safety of their customers. In general, they can do this by:

  • Routinely inspect the building and property for defects that could cause harm to customers such as potholes, torn carpet, or broken stairways
  • Make immediate repairs or changes as necessary to anything found on the inspection
  • Clean the premises on a regular basis to prevent slips and falls
  • Alert customers with warning signs near any location of the possible danger such as wet floors
  • Place a mat or rug near entryways while it is raining outside to prevent water on the floors

When they fail to take such actions, creating a hazardous condition that causes injury to a visitor or customer, they may be found liable for their injuries based on tort laws.

Defective Products Claims

Defective product claims can be due to a defect in the manufacturing of a product, a defect in the design, or a failure to give proper warnings on the use of the product. If you file a defective products claim, you need to show not only that the product was defective but that it caused your injuries. Common examples of defective product cases include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Toys
  • Automobiles
  • Household appliances
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Firearms
  • Recreational products

Hire the Right Round Rock Personal Injury Attorney

The success of your claim is dependent upon the attorney that you hire. You need an attorney who is willing to go the distance for you. Many companies will drag out the legal process of your claim as long as possible in hopes that you run out of money, become discouraged, and give up. You need a personal injury lawyer in Round Rock who will stand up to the company who caused your injuries and keep the legal process moving as it should.

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