Injuries from Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions frequently occur in Texas. No matter what speed they occur at, serious injuries can result. If you suffered one of these injuries or others, you have a legal right to compensation for your damages. 

According to statistics, there were nearly 2,500 deadly rear-end collisions in a recent year, accounting for 7.2 percent of all fatal crashes. These types of collisions are one of the most common types of accidents. Even simple fender benders can cause injuries and millions of dollars in damages each year. Other rear-end crashes are much more severe, leading to catastrophic or even fatal injuries. If you or someone you love suffered one of these injuries, you can rely on an experienced Round Rock personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation for your losses.


Whiplash is arguably one of the most common injuries incurred in a rear-end collision. Such an injury can happen when there is severe, forceful movement of the head and neck. Drivers who aren’t anticipating the force can have more severe injuries since there is no opportunity for them to brace themselves before the impact. Their muscles are relaxed instead of contracted when the force acts upon them.

According to the National Safety Council, 80 percent of those who sustain a whiplash injury have pain and soreness lasting longer than a week, and 50 percent find that it lasts more than a year. It might seem like a minor injury, but having a Round Rock personal injury attorney on your side after a whiplash injury can ensure the best outcome in your claim.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are common in rear-end accidents, no matter the speed. A forceful impact can cause spinal and disc compression in the lower spinal column. Soreness and even excruciating low back pain are frequently reported. Even a simple muscle injury can leave someone unable to function for weeks.

Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)

The spinal cord is also vulnerable in these accidents. If there are problems with the spine, the spinal cord could be bruised, cut, severed, or otherwise injured. Since the spinal cord is a pathway for messages to and from the brain and the rest of the body, an injury of this magnitude could be deadly or life-altering. Those who do survive may end up with paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Head and Brain Injuries

Injuries to the head and neck should always be taken seriously in rear-end collisions. Even at slow speeds, debilitating injuries can occur. Those hit in such a collision might suffer a loss of consciousness, a concussion, swelling, bruising, and lacerations. Some might even suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can be life-threatening or severely alter the injured individual’s life. In these cases, it’s imperative to have the representation of a skilled Round Rock personal injury lawyer.

You Can Rely On a Seasoned Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer

Even if your rear-end collision seemed minor at the time, your injuries are real and have a real impact on your life. You deserve compensation for them. You can receive a no-obligation rear-end collision consultation with a compassionate Round Rock personal injury attorney at the Elissa I. Henry Law Firm. Call (512) 766-4529 today or contact us online.