How To Win A Car Accident Lawsuit

If you suffered a personal injury in a car accident, your first concern is getting medical treatment. But as soon as you’re well enough to take steps toward financial recovery, it’s essential to get a handle on what happens next. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of filing a lawsuit for a personal injury claim in hopes that it will make the process easier for you.

After receiving treatment, the next step should be to seek legal advice from a Texas personal injury lawyer. In most cases, the attorney will take your case on a contingency basis, meaning that they will be paid out of the settlement or jury award only if they win. This allows you to take advantage of their expertise without paying any up-front costs.

#1 Find An Experienced Lawyer

Hiring an experienced lawyer is the first step in gaining a car accident lawsuit. They will determine if you have a case and then make the necessary plans for winning it.

You may focus on your recovery knowing that a personal injury lawyer will handle the investigation, correspondence, and negotiation on your behalf.

#2 Strategic Planning

You need to know that this process will not be easy and that it’s going to take time. This means that you need to stay on top of things at all times so that your case doesn’t fall apart due to negligence. You should also know what the opposing party might do and plan your next moves accordingly.

A reasonable attorney will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and develop a strategy that will ensure the best chance for success and settlement.

#3 Gather Evidence

A great lawyer is worth his weight in gold, but he/she needs facts and evidence to back up your claim. Evidence is crucial because it helps your case in a big way. This can help get your medical bills paid for and other damages as well. Your lawyer will investigate the facts of the accident, meet with witnesses and collect liability information about the responsible party (if known).

It’s important to gather all the information you can at the scene of the accident, like names and contact information for witnesses and the contact information for any police officers who were present. 

#4 Issue A Demand To The Insurance Company

Issuing a demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company is usually the first step before filing a lawsuit. It’s best done with the help of a lawyer. This letter outlines the evidence your lawyer can use if the case goes to court. 

Insurance companies often ignore demand letters. This gives you information on what kind of settlement they’re offering. If they offer less than what they should, you have a reason not only to sue them but also to show that you made multiple attempts at a negotiated settlement as required by law.

#5 Filing a Lawsuit 

A personal injury lawsuit will be filed if the insurance company will not make a reasonable settlement. You will be given a court date, and your attorney will undertake several pre-trial processes on your behalf.

When a lawsuit is filed, each side must explore the accident’s facts, defenses, and legal claims during discovery. Both parties exchange documents and have the opportunity to ask questions and take depositions. This procedure takes several months to complete. Sometimes this process leads to mediation, allowing both parties to settle the case before going to court.

#6 Court

Cases do occasionally make it to trial. Simple cases take only a few days or it could be months in the most complex circumstances. A jury will decide which party is to blame for the accident, the degree of liability if both parties are partial to a fault, and the compensation amount in a trial.

Your attorney will guide you each step of informing you about all deadlines and court appearances.

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