How To Choose The Best Probate Lawyer

Probate is the process of transferring legal ownership of an individual’s property after they die. This process allows for families to gain possession of their loved ones’ property. Families can then settle debts and distribute what’s left among themselves as needed.

Even if the deceased person left a legally valid will, it must be probated by the court to confirm that it complies with all of the Texas Estates Code’s requirements. It becomes important to find a professional probate lawyer with enough experience in handling such matters so they can help determine whether there are any validity issues with the will and assist you with its execution.     

To Choose The Best Probate Attorney In Texas Inquire:

#1: Years Of Experience Handling This Particular Practice

The law profession is very diverse, and not all lawyers are familiar with probate. When looking for probate lawyers, inquire how many total cases they handled specifically on matters related to wills, estates, and probate, as well as the number of years they’ve been practicing. This can help give an idea of whether or not your case will receive attention from a qualified probate lawyer.

#2: How Long It Will Take To Go Through Probate

It’s best to ask about how long it would take to settle your probate case. The average time lapse for probate cases is about 6 to 9 months. Also, make sure that they inform you whether they charge on an hourly basis or not. This is important to avoid any unforeseen circumstances or costs later on.

#3 Whether Or Not They Charge By Hour 

Probate cases require extensive research and analysis as many laws apply to estate size/type. Make sure you ask what’s included in their estimate and any additional charges that might apply during settling your claim. Check whether professional lawyers offer fixed fees or hourly rates. This will allow you to plan your expenses well in advance.

#4 Whether Or Not They Possess Licenses, Specialization, Studies

If you want professional help with your case, look for an attorney who has licenses and specialization studies in the area. With so many cases being dismissed in courts today because the professional handling the case lacked experience, look for an individual with good standing in the legal community and adequate professional experience.

Hire Professional Probate Services In Round Rock, TX

When you have to go through probate, there are some important things to keep in mind. You want someone who can navigate the tricky waters of probate and give you good advice. 

Probate can be a difficult and emotional process, but Elissa I. Henry is here to help you.

At Elissa I. Henry, we value our clients’ trust and belief in us, and we work hard to empathically lead them through some of their most difficult times. Our main purpose is to help our clients preserve their integrity and stability in the face of adversity. We ensure that your deceased relative’s assets will be divided following his/her wishes.