How Much Does a Brain Injury Cost?

Brain injuries are often categorized as “catastrophic injuries” due to their potential for lasting and costly effects. So how much does a brain injury cost? What will your claim be worth? You should discuss this matter with a Round Rock personal injury lawyer. 


Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can happen in many ways and impact each victim in a unique manner. TBIs often occur due to trauma to the head, which causes damage to brain tissue. The effects of a brain injury will depend on which part of the brain was injured, and the extent of the damage. 


Because each TBI is different, the overall costs of treating and living with the injury can also vary widely. It is best to have an experienced Round Rock personal injury lawyer assess how much your brain injury cost you and how much your injury claim should be worth. The following is an overview of how a lawyer can determine the cost of your TBI.

Immediate Treatment and Losses

After any type of head trauma or jolt of the head, you might begin feeling disoriented, develop a headache, have mood swings, or other unusual symptoms. This is a sign that you should head to the emergency room for diagnosis of a possible concussion. Some people are unconscious following a brain injury, and it is clear they need emergency assistance. 


In either case, treatment for a TBI can begin almost immediately, and it might include:



People with severe brain injuries might be in the ICU in a coma for sometime, and these costs can skyrocket quickly. 


In addition to your medical care, you might not be able to return to work for days, weeks, or even longer following a TBI. Your treatment plan might require physical and cognitive rest, or your symptoms might make it difficult to perform your job. Lost income can be a significant cost of a brain injury. 

Future Costs

Your medical treatment needs and inability to work might continue well into the future if you have lasting or permanent impairments due to your TBI. Your lawyer can seek help from experts who can assist you in estimating your future medical expenses and lost earnings. This calculation takes into your prognosis, occupational abilities, inflation, and other complex factors.

Intangible Losses

Not all costs of a TBI are tied to your finances, such as medical bills or lost wages. Instead, you can experience intangible losses from a brain injury, which can be just as important and life-impacting as financial costs. These can include:


  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Permanency of your injury and disability


Knowing how these losses translate into dollars can be difficult, and you want the right lawyer who has dealt with cases involving catastrophic injuries. 

Consult with a Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer

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