There are Hazards You Might Not Realize Exist Right in Your Home

People often quote statistics that show most accidents occur within a certain number of miles from your home. Might be a one, or five, or ten-mile radius. Of course, these “statistics” often fail to mention the fact that most people spend most of their lives only a few miles from home. So, it generally makes sense that most accidents happen close to your home. After all, it’s where you live and spend most of your time. And, truthfully, your home is full of hazards you likely aren’t even aware of. If you suffer an injury at home, you should talk to a Round Rock personal injury attorney to see if you might be entitled to compensation.

Common Home Hazards

You can visit pretty much any website you want that is focused on home safety, government or private, and you will find a similar list of the most hazardous conditions that can be found in your home. Some of them might be under your control. Others might not be. Among the most common hazards listed are:


Falls: As the leading cause of death in home accidents, falls make up a third of all home accident fatalities. These can include falls down stairs or slip and falls.


Poisoning: This is the number two cause of accidental fatalities at home. This one mostly hits young children. Cleaning products and pesticides in the home are the leading culprits. Common cleaning products, including drain cleaners, glass cleaners, furniture polish, rug cleaners and deodorizers, silver polish, and mothballs all can be hazards to children, as well.


Carbon monoxide: You can’t smell it, and it comes mostly from fuel-burning space heaters or generators. However, carbon monoxide can exist in your home when you have no reason to suspect it. Install CO detectors in your home to minimize the hazard.


Fire hazards: Everything burns, just about, and fires can start in any number of ways. Smoke detectors can minimize the risk.


Drowning: Small children are at the greatest risk, and no swimming pool is necessary. Bathtubs are more than enough. Keep an eye on young children in the pool or the tub.


Choking: Small items around the house are a constant choking hazard, including toys that might seem safe for your child.


Sharp objects and cuts: Knives are such a common utensil at mealtime, you might not even think about them. Children are especially vulnerable to accidental cuts if knives are accessible, especially very young children. Some appliances can cause cuts, as well.


Stoves and burns: Once again, children are most at risk to burn themselves on a stovetop.


Suffocation or strangling: Trash bags, as well as window blind and curtain cords, are leaders in this hazard in the home. Once again, small children are most at risk.


Obviously, many of these hazards require vigilance on your part. However, there are other hazards around the home that might be the responsibility of the landlord if you are a renter, such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Many home injuries can also be caused by defectively manufactured products. In those instances, you might have a right to compensation for home injuries, in which case you should consult a Round Rock personal injury attorney.

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