Five Things to Know About Car Accident Insurance Claims

Being informed of your rights and options is essential after a car accident. Insurance companies want you to know as little as possible so that they can settle your claim for as little as possible. Here is what you need to know to protect your claim.

Most drivers will only experience a handful of car accidents in their lifetime. While this is most certainly desirable, it can make it difficult for them to be informed about car insurance claims and their rights. What you don’t know can hurt you when it comes to seeking compensation for a car insurance claim. If you suspect that your claim is being handled incorrectly or unfairly, experienced car accident lawyers in Round Rock can help. You can meet with one to get your questions answered and find out if you have a legal case. 

Time is of the Essence

After an auto accident, you are contractually obligated to report your accident to your insurance company within a reasonable about of time. This doesn’t mean you have to call them from the emergency room, but you shouldn’t wait several weeks either. You likely have a deadline for filing your claim with them. Additionally, each state has a statute of limitations that gives injured individuals a predetermined amount of time to file a legal claim. Personal injury legal cases must be filed within two years of the date of the accident as per Texas law.

Insurance and Legal Matters Can Take a Long Time

Unfortunately, your car accident claim isn’t likely to be settled right away. Some take months or even a couple of years. In these situations, it pays to have patience. Waiting for a better settlement can pay off in the end. By consulting with car accident lawyers in Round Rock, you can determine what your case might be worth and how long it might take.

The Insurance Company Isn’t on Your Side

When you call to report your accident to the at-fault driver’s insurance company, they may seem concerned or even friendly. This is their job, and they are excellent actors. They want you to feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and say something that could hurt your claim. Always be friendly and respectful but keep in mind that they aren’t your friend and are not out for your best interest.

You Have Rights

Even though you are one consumer and not a giant insurance company, you still have rights afforded to you under federal and state laws. You don’t give up these legal rights through your insurance policy or when you file a claim. If you want to know more about these rights, reach out to car accident attorneys in Round Rock as soon as possible. 

You Can Turn to Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyers in Round Rock

Finally, you have the right to hire an attorney. Car accident attorneys in Round Rock at the Elissa I. Henry Law Firm, PLLC, are waiting to help you. They know that insurance companies will take advantage of you every chance they get. You can stop them by calling (512) 766-4529 today or completing our online contact form to book your legal consultation.