Determining Fault for Intersection Accidents

Intersection accidents usually have a clear at-fault party because one driver often violated driving rules and regulations. It is essential that you contact a Round Rock car accident lawyer if you were injured in one. You might be entitled to compensation for your damages.

Intersection accidents are complex, as there are many different scenarios and factors to consider. However, the driving rules for intersections should clear, and the blame can often be placed on one driver over another.  If you were involved in a car accident at an intersection in Round Rock, take your injury case to car accident lawyers in Round Rock.

Texas Transportation Code and Intersection Accidents

The Texas Transportation Code was enacted to keep drivers safe in all driving situations, including intersections. Even though law enforcement does not always catch every violation, they often write tickets to drivers who do not stop or properly stop at stop signs or red lights. When a car accident occurs, who obeyed or did not obey the law will matter in determining fault.

The laws governing intersections are highly relevant in these matters. Drivers may not know the specifics of each law, but they are familiar with following the laws. Whether a driver follows these laws exactly or not, their car accident lawyers in Round Rock can still leverage the driving rules for intersections to their advantage.

The most basic and essential rules regarding intersections are:

  • Come to a complete stop at red lights– Even vehicles making a right turn must make a full stop before entering the intersection.
  • Come to a complete stop at all stop signs– The infamous “rolling stop” will not do. Drivers are required to entirely stop their vehicle at a stop line, a crosswalk, or an intersection. They should not stop right at the stop sign itself.
  • Right turns must be made from the right lane of the road– When turning drivers stay in the middle of the road during a right turn, or they deliberately make wide turns so that they turn into the left lane, they are breaking the law.
  • Left turns must be made from the left-most lane– If a driver is making a left turn, they can only turn from the left lane or the designated turn lane. It is illegal to make left turns from the right lane unless the intersection is built for such use.
  • Always use a turn signal– This might be the most straightforward rule of all. No matter what, use your turn signal to communicate to other drivers your imminent intended actions. It is legally required.

Who Is At Fault?

Typically, intersection car accidents are the fault of drivers who are running red lights or stop signs, or who are making left turns at the wrong time. In most cases, the driver who obeyed the law the least will have liability for the damages of the other parties involved in the accident. For example, if you made a rolling stop, but the other driver failed to slow or stop at a stop sign at all, the other driver should be more at fault. When you hire car accident attorneys in Round Rock to handle your injury claim, they will hold the right driver accountable for the damages that the driver caused to you.

In an Intersection Accident? Call Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Round Rock

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