Driving Risks During the Summer in Round Rock

If you are at all familiar with Round Rock, Texas, you know that it’s a great place to be in the summer. The fact is, however, that – with all that fun in the sun – comes its own set of driving hazards. When you better understand the dangers of summer driving in Round Rock, you’re better prepared to stay safe out there. If a summer driver leaves you injured in a car accident, consult with a knowledgeable Round Rock car accident lawyer today. 


Beware of Teen Drivers


Summer means that school’s out, and there are far more teen drivers on our roads. Teen drivers are some of the most dangerous drivers on our roadways. With their questionable impulse control, inexperience, and zest for summer, teenagers make for dangerous summer driving conditions. 


Vacationers Congest Traffic


With summer, come vacationers – and what better place to head out on a driving vacation than the beautiful State of Texas and the fabulous city of Round Rock. All those vacationers, however, congest traffic. The heavier the traffic, the more difficult the driving conditions can be, which increases the odds of traffic delays, aggressive drivers, and traffic accidents. Further, vacationers are often unfamiliar with their surroundings, which can lead to erratic, unpredictable, and frankly dangerous driving. 


Vacationers Are in Party Mode


One more thing about vacationers – they’re often in party mode in the summer and are much more likely to have had a drink or two too many than they normally would be. The summer months – and the holidays that accompany them – tend to increase the number of accidents caused by impaired driving.  


Summer is Construction Season


Road construction and summer just go together, and car accidents are no strangers to construction and maintenance zones. 




The heat of a Texas summer can wreak havoc on tires – especially if they’re well-worn to begin with. When motorists don’t carefully maintain their tires, it can lead to dangerous blowouts that endanger everyone on the road. 


Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Motorcyclists


Summer’s here, and with it come increased numbers of pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists on our roadways. In other words, it’s time to share the road, and that can make turning, shifting lanes, and parallel parking that much more dangerous. In the dog days of summer, always make seeing walkers, bikers, and riders your top priority.    


Summertime and the Living Is Easy


There’s a certain attitude that accompanies summer, and this attitude tends to translate into letting one’s guard down. When it comes to driving, however, summer has its own brand of dangers that should always be taken extremely seriously. Enjoy your drive, but always make arriving alive your top priority. 


If You’ve Been Injured by a Summer Driver, Consult with an Experienced Round Rock Car Accident Lawyer Today


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