Dog Bite Victim Faces Long Road to Recovery

Nothing triggers a fight-or-flight response quite like the sight of an unleashed dog charging toward you. For one woman in San Antonio, this scenario led to a two-on-one attack that has left her with serious injuries.

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Two Dogs Attacked Pedestrian

In February of 2019, Christina Gutierrez was driving to work when her car ran out of gas. After deciding to finish her commute on foot, Gutierrez saw two dogs charging toward her. As she held onto a chain-link fence, struggling to maintain consciousness, the dogs mauled her, targeting her legs and right arm.

Though it was the middle of the day and Gutierrez saw people looking from their windows, no help came and she began to wonder if the attack would kill her. Help finally arrived—Francisco Martinez saw the attack on his way to work and stopped his car. He distracted the dogs by waving a blanket at them before returning to Gutierrez, covering her wounds with a blanket, and calling the police.

Two Caretakers Cited in Attack

Shortly after the attack, San Antonio’s Animal Care Services seized Coco. This pit bull was allegedly responsible for almost all of Gutierrez’s injuries. Since the dog was charged with serious bodily injury, he was euthanized. The search for the second dog involved in the attack continues.

Two people were cited for the attack on Gutierrez. Coco’s owner received six criminal citations for not having a microchip in their dog, allowing their dog to bite a person, and failing to provide proof of rabies vaccination. The person caring for Coco at the time of the attack received citations for allowing an animal to bite a person and allowing a dog to roam free.

Long-Term Physical and Emotional Damage

Gutierrez is grateful to be alive and is especially thankful for the help of Martinez, who has become a trusted family friend. However, she has a long road ahead of her. She had to undergo a full series of rabies vaccines, and her left leg remains immobilized as it heals. Her calf wound is so severe that she has a portable vacuum extraction unit with her at all times. It drains excess fluid from the wound. Next, she faces skin graft operations and months of physical therapy. Doctors hope that she’ll be able to walk with the help of a walker in six months.

The expenses of a dog bite or other type of personal injury can be substantial. In addition to the medical bills that pile up after an injury, families often struggle financially with the loss of one person’s income. When someone else is responsible for your accident, they may be accountable for your expenses.

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