Distracted Driving: More than Just Texting

When you get behind the wheel of your car, you accept the immense responsibility of helping to keep our roads safe for everyone who travels upon them. As such, your attention should be focused solely on this important priority. When drivers allow their attention to drift toward anything other than driving safely, they engage in distracted driving, and distracted driving is dangerous driving. If a distracted driver leaves you or a loved one injured, consult with an experienced Round Rock car accident lawyer today. 


Distracted Driving Defined

When you think about distracted driving, you probably envision motorists with their eyes glued to their smartphones – and their thumbs tapping away – but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines distracted driving as driving while one’s attention is focused on anything other than driving. In fact, NHTSA lists a variety of potential distractions (other than texting), including:


  1. Otherwise engaging with one’s smartphone
  2. Eating and/or drinking
  3. Conversing with passengers
  4. Interacting with one’s in-car stereo, GPS, or heating and cooling system


Taking a Closer Look

Some distractions are worthy of taking a closer look. For instance:


  1. Driving with an unrestrained pet in the car is dangerous. Even a dog who’s accustomed to traveling with you can become a dangerous distraction if the pooch becomes agitated. In fact, an anxious pet is not only a distraction but can also impede your ability to drive safely.
  2. Not knowing where you are going can also spell trouble. Taking the time to map out your route before you head out in your vehicle can help you avoid the distraction of your GPS system. In fact, being prepared is key to safe driving. Additionally, set your temperature controls and select a radio station before you put your car in drive. 
  3. Taking your hands off the steering wheel is dangerous. For optimal safety, keep both of your hands squarely on your steering wheel, which allows you to exert greater control over your car. When you are doing anything other than steering with one of your hands, you’re engaging in dangerous distracted driving.
  4. Eating while driving is an unnecessary danger. There never seems to be enough time in the day, and sometimes the drive-thru at the interstate burger joint is the simplest option. Eating that burger and onion rings, however, distracts you from driving safely. Take a break and enjoy your meal before you head back out on the road. And if you’re on a lengthy trip, remember that making regular stops will help you stay alert, energized, and focused.   


If You’ve Been Injured by a Distracted Driver, Consult with an Experienced Round Rock Car Accident Lawyer Today

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