Family Law: The Difference Between A Probate & Estate Planning Lawyer

Typically, people in Florence, TX, decided to work with an estate planning lawyer before death to help them make a plan for splitting up their estate and assets. On the other hand, when a person has died, it’s critical to have legal assistance.

A fundamental function of the estate administrator is to validate and administer a will in probate court once the individual has passed away.

What Do Probate Lawyers Do?

A probate attorney might be called in to assist in dividing up your assets and estate among your beneficiaries after your death, administering your will if you have one, and paying off any loans.

Because a probate judge will have to conduct the procedure in their place, it may be more difficult and distressing for families of decedents who haven’t established a will or specified how they’d distribute their estate and assets among their beneficiaries.

What Do Estate Planning Lawyers Do?

Estate planning attorneys assist you in creating a strategy for your assets and estate after you pass away. An excellent estate planning lawyer will know all necessary state regulations, ensuring that your estate plan can’t be challenged or invalidated in probate court.

An excellent way to avoid the stress of probate is to complete an estate planning document that outlines how your assets will be handled should you become incapacitated. If you need assistance creating a living will, estate planning attorneys can also assist you with this. 

Probate & Estate Planning Lawyer: Similarities

The main similarity between probate and estate planning lawyers is that they are both lawyers who help people manage their estates.

Both a probate attorney and an estate planning lawyer will guide individuals to prepare for the future after death. However, each one differently focuses on what they need to do before or after someone has passed away.

Probate & Estate Planning Lawyer: Differences

Some of the differences between probate and estate planning lawyers in Florence, TX, are:

  • A probate lawyer typically handles the legal issues that arise after someone has passed away.
  • Estate planning lawyers can help you manage your assets during life to minimize taxes and prevent conflict in the future. However, they can’t represent you in court if necessary.
  • Estate planning lawyers are often more flexible in terms of fees and payment.
  • Probate lawyers typically have a higher level of experience, which can result in better outcomes for clients.

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