Getting Diagnosed for a Possible Concussion

In the United States alone, 2.87 million people go to the hospital or die from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) every year. While people often do not think of concussions as TBIs, they are one of the most common types of TBI. A bump or jolt in the head can lead to a concussion. It’s important for anyone who may have a concussion to seek medical attention. Such victims may hire a Round Rock personal injury lawyer to recoup the costs of diagnostics, treatment, and suffering.

Signs of a Concussion

It’s important for everyone to know what concussions may look like in others and what they may feel like in themselves. The signs of a concussion may vary depending on the cause and severity. However, people who experience concussions may experience the following symptoms after a blow or jolt to the head:


  • Pressure or pain in the head
  • Cognitive problems, including trouble with memory or concentration
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Feeling “foggy” or sluggish
  • Issues with balance and/or vision
  • Symptoms made worse by light or loud noises


Sometimes a person with a concussion is too confused or young to understand what’s going on. People around such patients may notice the following issues:


  • No memory of the events directly before or after the injury
  • Changes in mood and personality
  • Seems stunned or “out of it”
  • Clumsy
  • Any loss of consciousness, even briefly
  • Seems confused easily

What Can Cause Concussions?

Due to news about concussions in football, people may think of concussions as sports injuries. However, falls are the primary cause of all TBIs, including concussions. Some falls are true accidents with nobody at fault, but others are preventable. Fall victims may need an experienced Round Rock personal injury lawyer to seek compensation, especially if negligence is to blame.


Any other incident that causes bumps or sudden jolts of the head can cause a concussion. This can include car accidents, as well. Anyone who has been in any kind of accident and shows signs of concussions should seek medical attention.

Getting Diagnosed with a Concussion

Someone who may have suffered a concussion should go to emergency rooms or seek other immediate care in order to get diagnoses as soon as possible. Doctors will test a person’s cognitive abilities and senses. Doctors will ask questions about the original injury as well. The patient may also need a CT or MRI. When someone is diagnosed with a concussion, that person will need physical and mental rest, as well as close monitoring.

Hire a Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer

If you believe you have a concussion, seek medical care. If the injury is due to a car accident, fall, or other incident involving another party, be sure to contact a Round Rock personal injury lawyer. If negligence caused your injury, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, physical pain, and emotional suffering. Be sure to keep all records related to your accident and medical treatment, then call Elissa Henry Law Firm at (512) 766-4529 or contact us online to get a consultation.