Common Truck Driver Distractions that Cause Crashes

Distracted driving is especially risky when it involves a commercial truck driver since their vehicles are much larger and can cause serious damage and injuries. Distracted truck drivers should be liable for the harm they cause, and a Round Rock truck personal injury lawyer can help.

There’s no denying that truck driving is a difficult job. Long hours, many miles, loneliness, and boredom are just a few of the downsides. However, the downsides are not an excuse to allow distractions to get in the way of safe driving. If a distracted truck driver caused your accident by doing any of the following, seek representation from a knowledgeable Round Rock personal injury lawyer.

Texting or Talking While Driving

Texting is the most dangerous type of distraction for any driver in any vehicle. This is true in part because it involves all three types of distraction – visual because the driver must look at the phone, manual because they are typing or scrolling, and cognitive because they are thinking about the message instead of focusing on driving.

Talking on a cell phone while driving can also be dangerous, especially when drivers must dial a number and hold the phone while they talk. A Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study found those truck drivers who dialed a cell phone while behind the wheel were 5.9 times more likely to get into a crash or near-crash than if they were focused on driving. Texting while driving increased the risk to 23.2 times higher.

This issue is so severe that FMCSA rules forbid commercial truck drivers from texting while driving and talking on phones with hand-held devices. A truck driver can use a phone while driving only if it involves:

  • Grabbing a phone within reach
  • Punching one button to make a call
  • Talking with a headset or speaker

Even still, many drivers violate these rules. Your Round Rock personal injury attorney can investigate your accident, including obtaining cell phone records for the truck driver.

Drinking, Eating, or Smoking

Commercial truck drivers want to make it to their destinations as quickly as possible. Instead of stopping and taking a break, truckers often drink, eat, and smoke while driving. If the driver drops something like a hot cup of coffee or lit cigarette, the chances of an accident increase.

Interacting with Passengers or Pets

It’s common for truck drivers to work in teams, have other passengers, and even bring their pets on the road. Talking or interacting with someone else while behind the wheel of a big rig can be extremely distracting. Truck drivers can become manually distracted by petting or holding their pet or by paying attention to what their pet is doing. While it’s understandable to want to have company on the road, it can’t compromise others’ safety. An experienced Round Rock personal injury lawyer can hold truck drivers accountable for these actions.

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