How Commercial Truck Cargo Spills Can Cause Injuries

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles that share our highways. Because of the vast size and weight differential between these trucks and the vehicles we drive, truck accidents are among the most dangerous on our roadways. When a truck spills its cargo in the course of the accident, it makes the situation that much more dangerous. If you or someone you care about has been injured in any kind of truck accident, you need the professional legal counsel of a skilled Round Rock personal injury lawyer.

Cargo Spills

Cargo spills can take many forms. When the immense impact of a semi-truck accident is coupled with a cargo spill, the danger grows exponentially. Cargo that spills onto the roadway – at highway speeds – not only endangers everyone in the vicinity but also threatens the safety of all oncoming traffic (from both directions). To make things even more precarious, cargo can escape in extremely unpredictable ways at extremely inopportune times. The danger associated with such accidents is difficult to overestimate.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks – with their open design and their heavy, bulky loads – are especially susceptible to cargo spills. When a flatbed truck loses cargo, the sheer weight, bulk, and speed of the lost load can lead to deadly accidents that often involve multiple vehicles and immense property damage.

Dangerous Cargo

Cargo spills are always dangerous, but when the lost cargo is toxic or flammable to begin with, it makes the accident that much more serious. When the lost content is a dangerous chemical or gas, it not only endangers other motorists but also puts first responders and everyone else in the vicinity of the spill at risk.

Cargo Loading

By keeping up with ever-growing consumer demand, the trucking industry helps drive our economy. Transporting cargo safely from place to place is the crux of the business, and a critical component of this is loading all cargo according to exacting safety standards. Commercial trucks have very high centers of gravity, and as such, much be loaded extremely carefully. A top-heavy load increases the risk of rollovers, and an otherwise poorly loaded rig can lead to decreased maneuverability and jackknife accidents. In other words, not only is the truck driver responsible for driving safely, but those in charge of loading the rig in the first place are responsible for ensuring that it is roadworthy. Making sure that the rig’s load is safely secured throughout the haul is another important element of cargo loading.

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