Airbag Burns Can Be Disfiguring

Some airbags can cause severe burns. These burns can lead to disfigurement in a few different ways, impacting the rest of someone’s life. If you suffered a severe burn injury, a personal injury attorney could help you pursue fair compensation.

Burn injuries are some of the most severe and painful kinds of injuries a personal injury lawyer will see in their career. Catastrophic car or truck accidents may ignite a fire that engulfs vehicles, claiming the lives of the occupants or leaving them with atrocious injuries. However, burns can also result from the airbags being deployed. These burns are caused by the negligence of other parties. Some burn victims will experience complications such as severe scarring or disfigurement. 

How Burns Cause Disfigurement

The human body is designed to heal itself. If you slice your finger chopping vegetables, your body grows cells to heal it and bring the edges of the cut back together. However, in cases of severe burns, the skin and underlying tissues such as muscle can be mostly or entirely burned away. With no skin tissue left in the area, it’s impossible for the body to heal itself. Many in this predicament end up with skin grafts. While skin grafts are helpful, they can still leave victims with scarring and disfigurement. 

Sometimes airbags can be triggered at the incorrect time, leading to intense injuries on arms, face and chest. Car accident victims can also deal with contractures. As a burn scar matures, it can become thicker and tighter, preventing movement in the area and causing serious complications. Contractures can lead to further disfigurement.

Depending on the area of the body, scars, amputations, and contractures can cause disfigurement. They can impact function and self-esteem. Individuals who suffer an airbag burn injury of this magnitude deserve compensation for their injuries, which can be extensive. If you are one of them, you can turn to a compassionate Round Rock personal injury attorney to help you recover your damages.

Airbag Burn Injury Damages

Airbag burn injury victims are entitled to monetary awards for their losses and suffering. Burns can be extremely expensive to treat, requiring plastic surgeries, physical therapy, and even long-term rehabilitation. Performing duties for your job might be challenging or impossible if you have severe scarring. You may be out of work for quite some time or may not be able to return to work at all. You deserve compensation for your past and future lost wages and medical expenses related to your burns and disfigurement.

Individuals who suffer disfigurement from airbag burns can claim non-economic damages as well. Scarring and other disfigurements can make a host of activities, such as self-care and intimacy, much more difficult. You might be able to control or manage the pain with prescription medications. Still, many pain medications can’t be used if you will need to drive. This further restricts your life. You also may not be able to participate in the activities you once enjoyed.

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