5 Possible Reasons For US Visa Rejection

Visa applications can be denied for several reasons. The most important one is the inability to prove that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay in the United States.

Other reasons why a visa may be denied include not having the proper documentation, having any criminal records, or simply not proving that you have intentions of returning or leaving the country voluntarily. A lawyer can help with all of these issues and provide advice on the best approach for each one.

5 Common Causes Of Visa Denials:

#1 Lack Of Preparation

Do your homework when it comes to visa preparation. The internet has a lot of information about the visa process and the interview. Government websites are also trustworthy sources of information that can help you every step of the journey.

Keep in mind that you should be required to prove:

  • Financial Records: You have enough money to support yourself in the US.
  • Strong Ties: You must prove you have family/work ties in your home country and a solid reason to return.
  • No criminal record. Criminal history could lead to a denial of your application.
  • You are no threat to the US national security
  • You have no infectious diseases or disorders that might endanger public health.

#2 Applying For The Incorrect Visa

The eligibility and conditions may vary depending on the type of visa you seek. Check to make sure you’re applying for the correct visa. Make sure you meet the requirements and restrictions for the visa you’re applying for. 

Make no conclusions about your visa eligibility just because you meet the requirements for another visa. Each visa may have its own set of requirements.

#3 Inaccurate or Incomplete information

Filling out all forms completely and precisely and meeting all the requisites, required evidence, and forms of verification on hand can assist speed up the process. 

Visa denials or lengthy and duplicate procedures can result from having unverifiable or erroneous information. Don’t let a minor blunder cause you to miss out on your visa.

#4 Lying On Visa Application Forms & The Interview

You could be denied entry for being evasive or dishonest during questioning and visa application forms. It may seem like a harmless lie, but it is still considered fraud and punished severely by the US government. 

If you are ever found out that you lied on your application form, this will be another automatic reason your visa request will be denied.

#5 Overstaying On Your Last Visit

The United States government does not want to see any new immigrants entering the country if they do not intend to leave. Therefore, if you are applying for a VISA but you have a history of overstaying, this may be the reason for your application to be denied.

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